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Here are some of our FAQ's

You Asked, We Answered

It’s important to us that you feel fully informed and confident when working with us. That’s why we’ve made a list of past customers’ questions along with answers from our experienced team. Browse through the information below, and if you have a question that isn’t included here, feel free to reach out to us today.

Question: We need to change our shooting schedule/location

This is not a novel concept! We recognize the importance of being adaptable and attentive to your requirements. Our only request is that you inform us at least 24 hours in advance of any changes. This ensures that our medical staff are aware of their precise locations and arrival times on set or location. For example, should there be a change in geography, such as relocating from London to St Albans, a mileage fee may apply depending on the existing contracts. Additionally, if there's a need to adjust the start time, please note that we adhere to an 11-hour rest period between shifts."

Question: Oops, we are going to be finishing late tonight due to....

Initially, please report this to your on-site medic to ensure they are informed. We will then discuss with you any implications for billing and staff coverage for the next day, in case an early start is required that does not compensate for the late finish. It may be necessary to send an additional staff member for part or the entirety of the shift.

Details regarding overtime are specified in your agreement; refer to it for rates and conditions. Please be aware that any overtime exceeding 30 minutes must be pre-approved by the Operations Team. Contact us promptly if you anticipate any deviations from the daily schedule.

Question: There has been a reportable medical incident on set

You must fill out an online RIDDOR report. Our medical staff will supply the necessary clinical details. Typically, you will prepare this report alongside your Health and Safety Advisor. For guidance on what is and isn't reportable under the regulations, click here. Keep in mind that you, not our medical staff, will be the one filing the report. We will finalize all incident reports and furnish a digital version of the Patient Report Form as needed.

Question: What facilities do we need to provide the medic with?

The question is worth $64,000, and there is no definitive answer. However, we require a safe and clean workspace to be available, complete with access to clean water, restrooms, electricity, and, where agreed upon, parking and refreshments. All details will have been finalized at the time of contract preparation. Please feel free to contact us for additional information.

Finance: what are your invoicing terms?

Our work week runs from Monday to Sunday. Our medical staff are required to submit their timesheets by midnight on Sunday. Invoicing will occur on the following Monday by midday. Should you have any inquiries, please ensure they are communicated to us by midday on Wednesday. Payments must be made via BACS on the Friday of the following week, which is 10 working days from invoicing, unless a different term has been agreed upon in writing. Your contract pack will contain full details

Question: We have decided to add a second crew and need another medic

That's fantastic news! Please notify us as soon as you realize the need to expand your contracted services, and we will furnish you with the corresponding pricing. The greater the lead time you provide, the better it is.

We have been asked about setting pricing for 2 or more productions
Yes, this is something we will happily discuss with you. Obviously, we are happy to secure work with your production company, and where you have a busy forthcoming slate of productions, we will look favorably at pricing deals for you. Of course, there will be terms and conditions attached to such agreements, this is something we will discuss with you.

Question: We need to suspend production due to.....illness, industrial action, insurance reasons, weather etc

While it's never good news, this is the reality of our world where obstacles occasionally disrupt a smooth 16-week production schedule. We've all persevered through the challenges of COVID-19 and are presently feeling the impact of strikes in the USA, which reminds us that hurdles are inevitable. The crucial step is to communicate any issues at the earliest opportunity so that we can make necessary arrangements, carry out planning, and gain a clear understanding of the problems at hand. Following this, we will collaborate with you to move forward and plan for the resumption of filming

Question: Do you have a General Terms and Conditions we can check out?

Of course, we do! This is a generic document that will be tailored to suit the needs of our client and the specifics of the contract. But please do have a read so you get a feel for what will be included. And please feel free to get in contact to ask any questions.

Question: Due to the nature of our shoot, we need a discrete service

We collaborate with you to deliver the service you require! Should you prefer our medical professional to maintain discretion, that is perfectly acceptable! We recognize the need for a 'low-profile' presence! It's not an issue, although we currently lack bright orange tiger suits :-)

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