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General Terms & Conditions

These are intended as guidance and will form part of a production-specific Service Agreement. These outline T&Cs are subject to change.

  • Hours worked are from “Call Time” to “Wrap”, including prep time when appropriate or necessary.

  • From December 1st, 2023, all NEW contracts will fall under our new rates. This will be based on a day rate of 10+1 hours inclusive. Scheduled hours beyond this will (NOTE: NOT an overrun on an individual day) be charged as follows: 10 +1 - 12 +1 hours will be charged at 1.5 x hourly rate and then hours over 12+ 1 at 2 x hourly rate (details of how this is calculated for part-hours will be included in the Service Agreement). Minimum rest breaks between consecutive days will be detailed in the Service Agreement.

  • Additional day working (i.e. day 6) MAY be subject to enhanced rate billing unless pre-agreed. For instance, if there is a set closed/move day, day 6 will be charged as a normal day, provided that this close/move has been agreed as part of the schedule. 

  • Our day rate generally covers travel to 1 specified location. Any further moves will be subject to expense charges unless otherwise pre-agreed. Such expenses, as agreed, may include mileage at the prevailing HMRC rate.​

  • We understand that, on occasions, filming may unavoidably overrun. In such cases, overtime is charged at £35ph for COVID supervisors, Paramedics, and Medics (this figure will be held at this rate until the end of March 2024, at which stage, new contracted rates may be implemented for productions starting on or after 01 April 2024).  Night shoots wrapping after 00:00hrs and Bank Holidays are charged at 50% of the agreed day rate (the Enhanced Rate) per person, for all work undertaken after 23:59hrs. On occasions where these shoots are overrun, the additional time will be charged at 1.5x the Enhanced Rate. NB: these indicative rates will be detailed in the Service Agreement.​

  • Where call time is before 0800 hrs, and the location is outside of London, we respectfully request that overnight accommodation and expenses be provided for our staff unless specific arrangements or agreements have been made as part of pre-contractual discussions.​

  • Please be aware that, in the event of shortages in the level of cover available, Facilities Medical & Rescue reserves the right to sub-contract medical personnel from other reputable companies to augment our staff to ensure that the level of cover that you require is fulfilled.​

  • If there is a circumstance where the Medic or other personnel provided is underperforming, Facilities Medical & Rescue will be allowed to rectify the situation and provide alternative personnel.​

  • In addition, we may provide additional personnel for your shoot without prior notice. In these cases, you will not be charged for the additional personnel.​

  • A cancellation fee of 50% will be charged on confirmed jobs within 48 hours from the day booked and 100% if cancelled within 24 hours of the shoot unless specific arrangements have been made. Full details will be included in your contract pack.

  • We will supply all the response bags, kits, and equipment required for our medics. Used / Lost equipment, other than consumables (dressings, over-the-counter medications, plasters, etc), is subject to cost price + a 15% restocking administration fee. The term ‘lost’ refers to equipment that locations have transported, etc, between shoot locations (as part of, for instance, a location move, NOT to equipment lost by our staff member). ‘Used’ equipment refers to items such as, but not limited to, AED Pads, Emergency Life Support Drugs (used in, for instance, cardiac arrest), and certain items of equipment used for resuscitation in the case of a cardiac arrest, splinting, and stabilisation tools (used for fractures). The exact list can be provided upon request. For filming over two weeks in duration, we may charge by arrangement; a weekly consumables fee,  currently this is £10 per week (there are exceptions as to what is included in this list, details on request).​ We will request that there is a secure storage facility for kit to be kept in overnight/weekends.

  • Where filming in a studio or other dedicated space, we request that suitable arrangements are provided for staff to undertake clinical examination of a cast or crew member. This may require a dedicated treatment room/facility to be provided - this will be detailed in the Service Agreement.

  • We appreciate being credited and would like to share our involvement with the productions we are engaged in on our social networking once the project has been released. Please let us know if you would like an anonymity arrangement. All staff have signed social media and anonymity agreements.

  • VAT invoices are submitted weekly and, unless specific arrangements have been made, must be paid via bank transfer within 14 days or will be subject to additional fees under the Late Payment of (commercial) Debts Act 1998.

This document was updated on 19th March, 2024.

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