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Film & TV Medical Services

Our team consists of medics with extensive industry experience, ideal for film or television productions. Each member of our staff brings valuable NHS frontline experience and has contributed to a wide range of productions over the years. Discover the top five reasons to select us as your location medics provider by clicking here!

Challenging location?

Challenging location?

Challenging location?

Challenging location?

Not every location is situated on a bustling high street. We possess a fleet of liveried, blue light 4WD vehicles ready for deployment, guaranteeing access to the remote areas selected for your shoot.

film studio

Advertising Shoots/Music Videos

Our staff have participated in a diverse array of advertising shoots and music promotional videos, with durations ranging from a single day to several weeks of filming in both studio and outdoor locations. We provide a comprehensive service that includes, if needed, the management of self-administered LFTs (including result recording), the provision of off-road clinical support vehicles, and much more!

Motorcyclist stunt scene

Stunt Medics

Our team includes experienced Paramedics who can provide additional support in high-risk situations, such as stunt work, complementing our location medics.

cycle on off road trail


Our services extend beyond the Film and TV industry! We boast a dedicated team that caters to a diverse array of events, including sports gatherings. Whether it's BMX, motocross, equestrian sports, endurance runs, charity cycling events, or track and field competitions, we're here to assist. Feel free to reach out to us.

Overseas Medics : Thailand

Our company is likely the sole provider in the UK offering local, certified, and seasoned medical professionals for on-site shoots in Thailand. Thanks to our well-established partnerships within Thailand, we are equipped to offer a comprehensive medical coverage package tailored for your production needs.

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